HubWeek was born from a simple premise: We are a community of smart, creative people from different backgrounds and disciplines, working to build a better future. What if we gave that community a platform and an opportunity to connect and tell their stories?

What started as an experiment has become a world class gathering of some of the most creative and powerful minds – from Boston and beyond. More than 100,000 people, from 45 states, 57 countries, and every neighborhood in our city have helped build a truly unique experience. We’re proud of what we have accomplished together.

This year we will hit a major milestone: our 5 year anniversary. Like any creative enterprise, we are constantly evolving our programming and actively listening to our attendees and partners. With that in mind, we’re excited to share some new developments:

Year-round collaboration

More thought provoking events, in more locations, throughout the year to foster collaboration with hundreds of partners.

The Festival, reimagined

A highly curated festival over 3 days vs. 7.  We believe this will provide a more focused, yet powerful, experience for all.

Setting up in the Seaport

We are moving the Festival to the Seaport to take full advantage of the open space, start-up culture and bustling commerce. This new location will make it easier to navigate the programming + events over the 3 days.

HubWeek 2.0

We look a little different these days. Our new identity reflects the passion of HubWeek, and is inspired by the energy we get from YOU.  Looking forward to hearing what you think.

Brendan Ryan, HubWeek Executive Director

About Hubweek

Founded in December 2014 by The Boston Globe, Harvard University, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital, HubWeek brings together the most creative and inventive minds making an impact in art, science, and technology in Boston and beyond.

We exist to support, strengthen, and connect people to the innovation ecosystem in our city. We believe in collaboration, inclusivity and, above all, impact — and our community of smart, curious, creative people are driven by the desire to build a better future, everyday. Join us.

Why Attend

We are living in a period of profound change, every day bringing a new reason to hope and a new challenge to overcome. At HubWeek, we believe there is room to be inspired, to dream, to imagine, and to build a better future — and we’ve created a place for that at our 2019 Fall Festival.

This year, HubWeek is shining a light on those who are forging ahead and exploring new frontiers. We’re celebrating the visionaries who are pursuing ideas and solutions that have the power to change the world.

The 2019 Fall Festival — our 5th Anniversary — will be a playground for you to learn, collaborate, dream and connect. We will raise the vibration and inspire action, together.

Can’t wait until October? Join us at our next Open Doors event.